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BSP's and Octrees

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Okay, I think it is time I learn what is what :D I''ve been programming OpenGL a while, but not really from books. When it comes down to creating a 3d engine, well, I just tried to use common sense (and my mathematics books and earlier programming skills). And it works great. My own 3d engine is coming along nicely. And by now I can follow most of the things discussed here. ''cept the two things mentioned in the subject :D Can anyone perhaps supply me with a link that tells me what they are (not entire tutorials). All I can find till now are either tutorials from-the-ground-up (giving me a hard time to figure out what they really are), or strange ways to implement them... All I need are the two definitions...

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Ok, the basic idea of BSPs and Octrees (and Quadtrees, Binary Triangle Trees and so on :o) is to speed up rendering... You might have noticed that you''re engine will get pretty slow if you draw a lot of objects... we''ll that''s because you send a lot of data to the grafics card to render, but it''s not visible.. Trees are used to presort z-order, visibility data and so on...
They are structures that are tested agains the bounding to see if the children of one instance could be visible, if they''re visible the children are checked and drawn... and so own.. it''s recursive...

hoped that helped...

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