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Cassiopeia Drift - Scifi MMO

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Whuk Games is proud to announce the up-and-coming Space Action title, Cassiopeia Drift. This multiplayer game will be released in Q1 2014, and focuses on a post-apocalyptic human society, decimated and driven from their home under mysterious circumstances. Players will fly through space, harvesting resources to build ships, command space stations, manage shops, trade BitCoin, and more!

Campaign Videos

IndieGoGo Campaign Video

Cassiopeia Drift Introduction Video

Concept Art Faction Artwork ( Player made factions in the future! )


Male Alliance Member

Female Alliance Member

Alliance Lore Video


New World Order: Male

New World Order: Female

NWO Lore Video


Old World Order: Male

Old World Order: Female

OWO Lore Video


Male Fjur Member

Female Fjur Member

Fjur Lore Video

Concept Art Environment

[ Constructing Bases on Asteroids ]

[ New Human Home World: Andromeda VII ]

Why Indiegogo?
We need the funding to purchase licenses, hire talent, and business expenses involved in creating a game. The more we can raise past the initial goal will be put into broader expansion of the universe, more systems that the game will be available on, and production quality work from industry professionals.

About US [ Project Funding Ends March 24th, 2013 ]
We've been getting a lot of good feedback so far regarding Cassiopeia Drift, the Sci-Fi MMO in the making, due to release in Q1 2014. Thank you for those who have pledged and given us support so far m(_ _)m I would like to go over key features of the game that you may be interested in that we are working on.

1. We are integrating BTC (Bitcoins) into the game so that players can use Bitcoins on top of the resource based economy as they venture into the unknown expanse, or stay in the comfort of Alliance protected space with your booming business. This means you can make money as you play!

2. When this launches, it will be free to play. There have been concerns for an online shop as there should be, most free MMO's fund themselves through these online shops and a good number of them destroy their games in the same way with game unbalancing goods in their stores. Our online store will be sporting physical goods such as T-Shirts, Mugs, Plushies, you name it, among other digital goods that are merely booster packs and aesthetic goods in-game. It is in our best interest to balance these products so that they do not disrupt the gaming experience for the player-base.

3. You create the lore, should you want to become the next Interstellar Business Tycoon, a Megalomaniacal Conqueror, an Explorer, or just plain Jim from Montana VI. The choice is yours. Should you become a highly influential individual, Factions may approach you, or you may have the opportunity to lead your own faction to your own likeness!

4. Customize-ability is our goal, there is nothing worse than getting pigeon holed into a cookie cutter character designer, then finding yourself in an ocean of naked people who look exactly like you, in front of the quest giver NPC. As funding becomes available past the 10k Mark, we can hire Unity programers and model artists so we can dish out fully customizable ships, stations, star-bases, planet side bases, as well as character customization. Eventually, we will be hosting a system where players can submit their ship designs so they can have them in-game with the help of our creative team. Now not every ship will make it, suggestive dr.evil shaped ships will obviously be under scrutiny. . .

We are not a corporation with shareholders who share no interest in the player-base but the bottom line, the fiscal gains of the business cycle. We started as 2 people, the guy who programs the game ( Steve Mattison ) and the guy who scribbles on the walls at the local Wallmart ( Myself Meidel Hirabayashi ). The years have gone by and we've come to the sad conclusion that we can't make this happen with just the 2 of us, not in a realistic time frame. We'll be of retiring age and Final Fantasy 90 will be out by then, maybe even Playstationz X before we complete this task. This is where you come in!

Normally, we would have to go to a publisher, give away at least 50% of the intellectual property away off the bat, the rest among their shareholders, and by the time they're done drafting the contract for us to sign our life away, we'll be lucky if we can get 1 cup ramen a day ( boiling water not included ). Then if that wasn't bad enough, the game will pumped into a predefined shape, plaster the internet with men with big guns, women with 10% clothing ( Same defense rating btw ) baywatching their way down the front lines, men screaming incoherent slogans then BAM, " Coming Winter 2020, Pre-Order 7 years in advance now! ".

Enough ranting from me, please have a look at our Indiegogo Project below.

>>> http://igg.me/at/CD <<<

If you like what you see so far and would like to help us out with a pledge, it would be greatly appreciated! if you know people who would like to see such a game on the market by next year, please link or share this post with them, Once again, thank you for those who have pledged and given us good advice so far, we are eager to bring this title to you in the coming year!


Meidel Hirabayashi
Concept Artist @Whukgames

Follow us on [ Youtube ] [ Twitter ] [ Facebook ] [ Website ]

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Hey everyone, we are heading towards our final week on IndieGoGo, if you haven't already, please pledge or spread the word!

Please note that even if our IndieGoGo does not meet it's goal, the game will still be completed in Q1 2014! 

By reaching our stretch goals, we can hire local talent and enhance what we already have into a polished game with all the customization plans we have for the game. If you cannot make a pledge but know people who enjoy the #Scifi #indie genre, let them know! Spreading the word is just as important. Thank you all smile.png


Meidel Hirabayashi
Concept Artist @Whukgames


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UPDATE March 19th, 2014

Want to take a stake in Cassiopeia Drift's look and feel? We have just the thing! We are running " Design your own Outfit " starting today, and ending March 24th, 2014!

Here are the nitty gritty details!

Whukgames Design your own Outfit!

If you pledge at the 33$ Tier or higher, you will have the opportunity to work with Whuk Games to design your own futuristic outfit. This tier is included for patrons who have already pledged 33 or higher as well! You may opt out of this contest if you should choose to. ( If you have pledged lower than 33$, you can upgrade by pledging the difference! )

Design Process:

1. Receive an E-Mail or other means of communication from Whukgames@gmail.com regarding your optional service!

2. Please provide a description of the attire you wish to have designed, visual reference is highly recommended to streamline the process! Production time is limited! Please be ready to provide ample information regarding your outfit you wish to see in the game.

Things we will not accept.

A) Plagiarism in any form.
B ) Outfits shaped as sexual organs ?_? or offensive materials.
C) We do not cater to ( Less armor for women = more defense ) But stylish and sexy is fine.

Having your work accepted into the design process is verification by your party granting intellectual property to Whuk Games and associates for reproduction in media related to the Cassiopeia Drift franchise.



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Thank you everyone for pledging towards our Campaign as well as those who helped spread the word! m( _ _ )m Though our Indiegogo has concluded, the project will go on! Please keep in touch with our website at http://www.whukgames.com Currently the site is undergoing revamps, however in the near future, this will be the pitstop for all information regarding Cassiopeia Drift and future Whukgames releases! 


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