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3d pc game developing

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Well i might sound dumb while asking this... 

but still wanna try..


Well i am an engineering student with Information technology and had worked on many programming languages...

now i wanna try an make a 3d game.


I wrote a story line for my games, its 3rd person action game, includes old age wars, swords, daggers etc. 

So just wanna ask that, what next should i do? 

how can i start? i got a team of about 75 students willing to work on this projects, so wanna make a real serious game...


With HD graphics and awesome game play...

Any suggestions and advice are most welcomed.



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Do you want to use or even have to use all those 75 students? That's quite a huge team and especially with students and for the first project, it will imho be a nightmare to organise them.

And are they all just programmers? You really don't need a lot of programmers, but you will need people who can create concept art, draw 2D graphic, model and animate in 3D, make sound effects and music etc.


About the programming part, it really depends on what is your main goal. If you just want to make a good game, then it will probably be best to use some graphics engine or game engine and just adapt it for your game and code your game logic into it (plus of course add your assets like character models, textures, worlds etc.).

If you want to use this project to learn as much as possible, then you could think about making everything by your own, including the graphics engine. But this would be a much longer trip.


Btw what do you mean by "had worked on many programming languages"? At the university in courses? Do you actually have some programming experiences, have you created some application like a simple game or something? If you are just a student with no previous finished programming projects, making an A-class 3D action game isn't really the best way how to start. You don't need to know many programming languages, you need to be good in one and you need to get some experiences with it by building bigger and bigger games.

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What Tom KQT said is correct. . If you want to achieve what you have stated you will need:

1. A great knowledge and understanding of 3D programming (for Graphics and Physics, maybe if your programming the engine on your own).

2. High-res models and detailed textures

3. A great knowledge of scripting (even if you use a premade game engine, you will need to code instructions into the game that tell what should happen, when it should happen etc.).

4. Lots of sound effects, music and dialog.

5. Lots of time (Duke Nukem Forever says it all).

6. Level designers.

There might be other things I might have forgotten, but these should be necessary

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well thnks a lot for a quik reply:


1st things firsts:

I have worked on various projects like certain software, 

  • Developed an antivirus software(Basic)
  • Encryption software (advanced)
  • And Face recognition and object recognition application.... 
  • but never got a chance to work on a developing a game, but i just wanted to do it...
  • and also worked on making 3d architectural models on 3ds Max



The students are not just programmers, they poses different talents as you described. 


so now should try to make an "A" class game or should just play around with 2d games and all...

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Do what you think you can handle, but if you're new to the concept of game programming, you should probably start with 2D games. Also try downloading open source code for games (try searching for D.O.O.M.( the opensource remake of course) or Hexen II).

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