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Zrifepsych    345

Couple of months ago I made a thread about wanting to learn programming.And I admit,I'm a slow learner with this thing.I've only learned about 50% of HTML.That's it.When I was learning programming,I freaked out because of how hard things are and I basically gave up.Thankfully I got my motivation again.Now here's my problem.I want to be a game director in the future.And I couldn't wait to start making prototypes.And the whole reason I want to learn programming is for creating Scripts in Unity3d.I guess I got too ambitious to start making game and start off with Unity3d because the type of game I want to make is 2.5D action-platformer game.But now I'm willing to start learning with simpler software like GameMaker.I need help from you guys,what should I actually do,use,and learn from?

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Steve_Segreto    2080

My advice is make the game you want to make. If that means you have to learn Unity or other harder libraries, so be it. It will be good for you in the long run anyway.

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unit187    274

Why waste time on GameMaker if you can spend this time actually learning Unity3d?


Unity scripting is surprisingly easy if you approach it right way. Learn basic stuff from online tutorials, both txt and videos. Don't throw yourself into making compicated things right away. Start slow.


Some courses that come on mind.

There is free course at, they make a spaceship arcade in unity using C#. They go very slow and explain things.

Ater you get a little comfortable. you might move on to:

I think it is free too. It is sort of begginer-friendly. He explains how to approach making things like AI and combat system.


What I didn't see in any of Unity tutorials is explaination of object-oriented programming. Before diving deeper and studying more advanced stuff (even that hack & slash tutorial I linked above), I strongly recommend learning basic programming outside of Unity. 

Even though unity C# is totally different from standard C#, you might get a book on learning standard C# and get basic understanding of classes, methods, dot operator, operator overloading, etc. Also you will get solid understanding of arrays/lists - they tend to miss this part in tutorials too. It will make learning a lot easier, because you will understand a lot more on how stuff works, not just repeating code from a tutorial like a monkey.


And again, this stuff is easy, but... But you have to be ready to invest time and energy. You can't learn programming over night. You must understand that it will take monthes to learn basic programming and make a game that will satisfy you a little bit.

Don't do long breaks too. If you don't study every day or every other day - this means you don't study at all and basically fooling yourself.

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