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The obscure art of makin' a menu

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(Previously posted on GCUK forums - www.gamecoding.co.uk/forums) This one another of my problems that''ve been bugging me off for the last weeks: while(1){ if(key[KEY_UP] && (p > 0)){ poll_keyboard(); p--; } if(key[KEY_DOWN] && (p < 2)){ poll_keyboard(); p++; } if(key[KEY_ENTER]){ switch(p){ case 0: // New Game // caca break; case 1: // Credits // caca break; case 2: // Exit // caca break; } } } So? Yep. That menu won''t work. I mean the keyboard reads, but the last if-statement don''t work. Normally the while()-sling should exit, but nothing happens. Help? //toki

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I think the breaks you put in that switch-thingy just break out of the switch loop, not the while loop. You could build the while loop like this:
while( !bDone )

Then in the switch statement you could set bDone to true, and the while loop would end.

BabJap Productions

"There''s no such things as bugs; they''re just unintentional extra features"

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Original post by Freeride Designs
Or you could have


That break would never execute, since as soon as the continue is reached, you jump to the conditional in the while. The loop would still be infinite.

Jappie has a good solution.

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