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My portfolio, composer/designer/engineer

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Hello everybody!


My name is Henrik Thomasson and I am a 19 year old musician/composer/sound designer/engineer. I have studied aesthetical music and sound production at Christian 4:s gymnasium in Kristianstad. I took music theory classes, sound engineering classes, various instrument classes as well as ensemble classes.


I have played the drums since the age of 11, and with age I progressed and started to play other instruments as well. Now I own a drum kit, various percussions, bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, different synths, samplers, turntables and mixers.


I have always wanted to compose music and create sounds for a movie or a game, and I thought this place might be a good place to get feedback. is my bandcamp site. is my youtube


Kommandotolken: Chiptune, electro, ambient Kommandotolken - frijazzelectro


A mix between jazz and electro. Kommandotolken - Lucida drömmar


An electronical song accompanied by scenes from the movie "Akira". Kommandotolken - Hiroshima


A very long electronical song, made in Logic, accompanied by scenes from the movie "Barefoot Gen". Kommandotolken - Oceanen


A pretty ambient and relaxing song with pictures from the ocean outside of Japan, I believe. Kommandotolken - Det Pixelerade Poolpartyt


A pretty funky chiptune song.


Some live performances by Kommandotolken. 


Hydrolog: Experimental rock, krautrock, indie, electronical Hydrolog - Plutononiumpojken Hydrolog - Det Muterade Nejonögat Hydrolog - Röda Havet


Meijer: Electronical, music concrete Meijer - Moses Meijer - Potions and Herbs Meijer - Magicians Meijer - End

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