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Dealing with multiple lights in the shader?

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KaiserJohan    2317



Right now I only deal with one light, a directional one (like described in I provide a Vec4 'lightIntensity' and Vec3 'directionToLight' to the vertex shader and proceed to apply lightning. Not very flexible and soon I want to add more lights and of different types aswell.


So my question is what is the best practice when dealing with multiple lights and of multiple lightning types? 

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C0lumbo    4411

Three common solutions:


1. Use deferred shading.

2. Compile permutations of your shader for each combination of light states (beware, you can end up with a huge number of shaders this way)

3. Use for-loops and if-branches in your shader to handle the various lighting states.


If you're targeting desktop hardware, then #1 is best but #3 is fine - you might read about branches being expensive but on any vaguely modern desktop hardware branching on a uniform is pretty cheap. If you're targeting mobile, I'd recommend #2 but you might have to take steps (i.e. make assumptions) to keep the permutation count down.

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