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The Ark: Relaunch

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For a destroyed world, The Ark's launch means humanity's second chance and solitary hope.
The Ark: Relaunch
Developer: Nyphoon Games ( )
Genre: Action Space-Shooter
License: Freeware + some engines will be open-sourced
Engine: jME3
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X (unconfirmed)
Release Date: Q1 2015
The Ark: Relaunch is a space shooter game which has been under development since late 2012. The game builds on its predecessor, yet will be making notable changes in every aspect - including a completely new gameplay engine. So far, much of the work has been put into a number of Procedural Generation engines.
A sample of our work on the Procedural Generation engines we're building from scratch:
Some of the features we're planning on including:
Your support is our fuel! You can contact us or follow our progress on a number of social networks:

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