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Light pre-pass with instanced skinning

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Hello, I'm trying to put the Light pre-pass lightning method in my game-engine, but as I use Instanced Skinning (hardware skinning) I dont know If rendering 2 times the geometry would be nice (cause I will need to skin 2 times).


Currently Im doing foward lightning, my game Is a third view camera game (like diablo and starcraft) and I really really need a good way to use many many lights at the same time, almost every mesh on the scene is skinned (instanced too if there is more the one of the same type).


Anyone know any good way to implement it or if there is another good alternative... I was thinking about using the Stream-Out, but I dont know if it would work because we are talking about a scene using something around 200~300 skinned meshes, some of then using instancing and all of them in diferent animation stages.


Another solutions and tutorials are welcome too smile.png

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