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Best way to make a cityscape

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supesfan    233
Hello World,

i was wondering, i wanted to make a city in the Unreal 3 engine. what would be the best way to go about making it? i know this can be a very hard question to answer in such a general way, but should i go about modeling every building that will make up my city? or is there a faster way to produce a city? I don't mind doing the work of modeling every building but if there is a better way i would rather do that.

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Aqua Costa    3691

Generally yes, you'll have to model every building in the city, that's how the artists in the indie project I'm working on are doing it.


You could try to re-use some buildings (parts of them anyway) but very carefully to not make the repetition noticeable...

Depending on how the game will play, in a game with enclosed levels you just have to model the sides of the building that will be visible/use 2D art for background buildings, etc.


P.S: You could also look into procedural cities, but hand made models you always look better (IMO anyway).

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