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Animated Tile And Sprite Viewer [free]

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This is something I just wanted to share with everyone.  It is a project born of the need to be able to preview the animations of simple, animated tiles, quickly and effectively.  It ended up being bigger than I was expecting, as I tried to imagine myself in an artists shoes, and came up with several features that I was capable of implementing.


To put it succinctly, I am very much still a noob at programming.  However, I thought someone out there might find this tool to be of use.


The program has the following features:
*Supports tile sizes from 8X8 to 512X512 in powers of 2
*Supports asynchronous sizes, aka rectangles

*Supports transparencies via alpha channel
*Group view allows for 3X3 tiles to be seen animated together
*Allows for changing of frame rate to examine animation speed
*Change the number of animation frames per loop
*Allows for multiple animations in a single file via rows
*Has a pause hotkey
*Has a reload hotkey, to allow semi-real time editing
*Automatically reads all .png files in the .exe's directory
*The directory listing can be reloaded
*Files in the directory can be flipped through
*The background color can changed from white to black through 17 shades of grey
*The window can be re-sized at will

The program has the following limitations:
*Only 32-bit PNG files are supported
*So far I have found that 24-bit PNG files work, but YMMV
*Files must be located in executable directory





I'm currently on a google site webpage until I can afford better hosting, located here: http://sites.google.com/site/tasteplasmatempsite/ .


A direct link to my about me page if anyone is curious: http://sites.google.com/site/tasteplasmatempsite/about


The program was made in Code::Blocks using SDL and compiling with minGW.  I used Lazy Foo's excellent SDL tutorial site to learn about SDL, and many different online tutorials to learn what I know about C++.  This project came together very quickly, the base of it done in a couple of days, and then most of the rest of it in a couple more, and then like 2 weeks to get the last thing working.  (I work a FT job as well.)  I am beginning to suspect that is a fairly standard curve in programming.


Thanks for checking this out, I hope it is useful. happy.png

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