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A "Warlock-like" game

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Hey everyone,

do you know the Warcraft III Map Warlock? I've always wanted to create a game like this as a standalone.


For the ones who don't know what it is:

Warlock is a "kind of 3D" round based game where every player is a caster/magician=warlock. The arena is a platform, surrounded by lava. You watch from a spot above the platform, so it is not a first person. It is more like the view in "Diablo-style-games". Now, the goal is to push everyone else off the platform into the lava, so they lose health. You lose health when using maybe a certain ability, being on the lava and getting hit by an ability. You can buy abilites and items with gold in a shop. You gain gold when being one of the last to die in this round, killing someone or making a lot of damage. So after only one magician is left, the shop appears and you can buy abilites like fireballs/laser/teleport and boots/additional health/etc. You can set the number of rounds, after which the game is over, so a winner is determined. During a round, the stone platform shrinks by time and the lower the health of a warlock, the further it gets pushed by a fireball/laser/bouncing ball/etc.


Why I haven't done it yet?

I did, and got frustated after two weeks because I didn't know how to do it. Meanwhile, I've been practicing a lot of programming, tried some engines and created small applications and games. I'm studying computer science and in the next semester I will start Games Engeneering as a second bachelor.

I would like to start this project with 2-4 people who are passionate about games, would like to work in a team and have the time to do so. I am looking for at least one graphics designer for models and one developer. It can be open source, I am not looking to getting any money out of this, still that doesn't mean we can't. I want to do this, because I love games. I want to think of this as a learning experience and I think it is fun to make games.



The technical outline:

I am familiar with C++ and C# and have immediate to advanced skills in Java. Therefore I want to create this game in Java with the jMonkeyEngine, but if there are any better suggestions, I am willing to consider those. I know, Java does not have the best performance, blabla. But I am working on a Mac, I know a lot work on Linux and some on Windows. Hence, it is alot easier to manage the project. I want to do the code management with git. Plus, this game won't as much power to run as a 3D ego-shooter and even those exist, written in Java.


What do you think?

Is this project possible with 3-5 persons?

How about the technical outline? Suggestions or recommendations?

Interested? Great, just post!

Any other things you want to tell me?


Have a nice weekend!

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Yes, it seems possible for 3-5 persons, even less.
As a technical outline suggestion, if you got frustrated may be you should pick an engine, like Unity3D, and try to start something with it. 


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Hey, we are currently creating the official standalone for Warlock in UDK, here's a video of it 



All the art and sounds are still programmer art or standard UDK stuff, maybe you'll want to join us, if you do add me on Skype (wrlcreator) or Steam (search for toraxxx) smile.png. Either way come visit us at warlockbrawl.com!

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