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Matali Physics Pro supports Xamarin 2.0

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We are pleased to announce that Matali Physics Pro adds support for Xamarin 2.0, the new development environment and API for iOS and Android from Xamarin. Matali Physics Pro 2.0.1 introduces support for Xamarin Studio, Xamarin.iOS (replaces MonoTouch) and Xamarin.Android (replaces Mono for Android).
Matali Physics Pro is a commercial edition of Matali Physics engine. This edition simplifies development of physics-based, commercial computer games and is available after you buy the appropriate licence. Matali Physics Pro engine key features:

  • Fully manage, flexible and easy to use
  • Supports fully dynamic, destructible environments
  • Supports physical AI and objects behavior control
  • Supports animation
  • Supports physics-driven sound
  • Powered by Matali Render Pro
  • Powered by Matali Content Pro
  • Fully serializable
  • Multi-threaded, multi-platform, web-enabled
  • Fully featured

More information about Matali Physics engine is available on

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