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What's up with Blitz Basic?!?

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Okay I was wondering about this Blitz Basic. I have seen some of it''s games and they look good. I know it is probablly much, much easier to use than Open GL or Direct X, although i havn''t tried it. I was wondering what advantages people would have writing their own engine over using something like Blitz Basic. Or is Blitz Basic better? I have been programming in Direct X for about a year now and find it disheartening to see that someone can make a game in less than 4 or 5 hours that plays better than mine... What are your oppinions? Thanks

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Blitz isn''t free; DirectX is.

That''s probably the top incentive. Others include the fact that you really can''t use Blitz for anything other than games (maybe 3d apps) while C++ or any other "regular" programming languages are applicable to a wide range of problems, so your skills become useful for a variety of tasks.

If someone can make a game in 4 hours that plays better than your one-year old game, you just plain suck. Just kidding!

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I guess a lot of people are going to either love blitz or hate it, depends what you like....if like infinitesimal control over everything you will need a low level language, i personally don''t...there something like blitz is great. It''s quick, easy has a few neat features like types, a thing comparable i am told to C structs, an array of objects with their own predefined variables, this is very useful for doing aliens and bullets and things like that. Blitz compiles into a fast executing exe, try the demo i made in blitz, it has way too many things flying around the screen, but for a basic language it is pretty impressive.......

I think it only supports 3 gfx fileformats at the moment, bmp, png, and jpg, no alpha on the pngs either so that can be a downfall....doesn''t support any type of mpeg or avi formats although i am told you can use an external program that blitz executes.....

thats just my opinion by i was with blitz in the amiga days so maybe i am biased, still it works for me...

We take care of what reality doesn''t

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I myself prefer Jamagic over Blitz Basic.

1: It''s based on Java syntax (Basic = yuk)
2: It is NOT limited to games. You can do pretty decent 3d programs aswell as other kinds of applications.
3: When displaying graphics you display them on "surfaces" and those surfaces can be used in a window to display the gameworld or they can be used as a texture on another object in the 3d world to create a nice "monitor" effect.
4: If you make an app or game it can be run on Linux, MacOS and others.
5: IntelliSense (need i say more?)

Find it at www.clickteam.com

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