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Unity Screen Capture Specific Window

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Alright, I am using Unity3D and there is no native way to record the output from Unity3D. I have been able to solve this by capturing one screenshot each frame at 30 FPS and then using ffmpeg to convert the images to a videoclip. Problem is that this is very messy and slow. 


What I want is something like FRAPS, but I want to be able to control the "Screen Capture-Application" from within Unity3Ds .Net Process features.






The user that is playing my game that is created with unity3d clicks the button "Start Record".
A Unity c# scripts starts a process in the background that is named "X Screen Recorder". 

I send parameters for which windowhandler to record.

X Screen Recorderd starts recording all output from that window.


When the player Press "Stop Record".

X Screen Recorder stops recording and saves the file to disk and we are done.

The user thougth that the screen recording was made by Unity but accually its a background process..




Any tips will be useful!

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