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Operator speeds

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At the moment I am trying to optimise some portions of my game. Would someone be able to tell me what operators are the fastest (eg. << ) and the slowest ??? I know that a few well chosen operations in tight loops can really bog your code down

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Addition is faster then multiplication.
If you are multiplying(or dividing) by a power of two, use bit shifting. x << 1 is the same as x * 2, x << 2 is the same as x * 4, etc. There was an article in Hugi 22 or 23 on Optimization. You can find it on


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Here's the link to that article:

Here is a portion of a clock cycle chart I have as well (for the P2), I'll list the common operator stuff. The variable number of cycles are because using two registers is a lot faster than using two portions of memory.

AND 1-3
OR 1-3
XOR 1-3
NOT (register/memory) 1/3
SHR (Shift right) 1-3
SHL (Shift left) 1-3
ADD 1-3
SUB 1-3
MUL (for 32 bit integers) 10
DIV (for 32 bit integers) 41
INC (register/memory) 1/3
DEC (register/memory) 1/3
FSIN 16-126
FCOS 18-124
FSINCOS 17-137

I hope that helps put it in perspective .

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