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Online arena game, inspired by WC3 mod Warlock

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Hey there! I recently finished my latest game project and I want to share it with you. It's an competitive online game where you face your friends or random people in an arena surrounded by lava. You buy different items and skills to survive and eliminate the others, the lava floods the arena as time passes and it gets harder and harder to survive. Those of you that have played the Warcraft3 mod called "Warlock" probably recognize the concept. It has support for both LAN and online play.


I made a

">video on youtube showing what it looks like and here's a screenshot:




It's written in C++, uses my graphics library based on DirectX 11 and has a client/server architecture. I have implemented the networking with RakNet. I have been working on it since November and I'm really glad to finally have a version I am happy enough with to call it finished. There were several times with lack of motivation and I was near quitting the project several times. I could continue develop this a lot more but I just want "be done with it" and start with something new, just fixing the most important bugs.


I've learnt a lot of things with this project and the most frustrating thing has probably been the long compilation times and it doesn't get better when you have both a client and server project. Before the the next game I will take a deeper look into Lua, I really see the need of it now.


The game can be downloaded from my homepage and the source code can be found on my github.


I think that was it, if you want to try the game and need an opponent let me know! smile.png

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