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The relationship between attribute groups and materials

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Does each attribute group contain multiple materials? So this would pose some problems?

BTW, what does attribute group in direct3d correspond to in 3ds max?



    //Copy materials and load textures (just like with a static mesh)

    for(int i=0;i<(int)NumMaterials;i++)


        D3DXMATERIAL mtrl;

        memcpy(&mtrl, &pMaterials, sizeof(D3DXMATERIAL));


        IDirect3DTexture9* newTexture = NULL;

        if(mtrl.pTextureFilename != NULL)


            char textureFname[200];

            strcpy(textureFname, "resources/meshes/");

            strcat(textureFname, mtrl.pTextureFilename);

            //Load texture

            D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(g_pDevice, textureFname, &newTexture);




    if(pSkinInfo != NULL)


        //Get Skin Info

        boneMesh->pSkinInfo = pSkinInfo;

        pSkinInfo->AddRef();    //Add reference so that the SkinInfo isnt deallocated

        DWORD maxVertInfluences = 0;

        DWORD numBoneComboEntries = 0;

        ID3DXBuffer* boneComboTable = 0;


                                                D3DXMESH_MANAGED | D3DXMESH_WRITEONLY,  


                                                0, // ignore adjacency in

                                                0, // ignore adjacency out

                                                0, // ignore face remap

                                                0, // ignore vertex remap





        if(boneComboTable != NULL)


        //Get Attribute Table

        boneMesh->MeshData.pMesh->GetAttributeTable(NULL, &boneMesh->NumAttributeGroups);

        boneMesh->attributeTable = new D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE[boneMesh->NumAttributeGroups];

        boneMesh->MeshData.pMesh->GetAttributeTable(boneMesh->attributeTable, NULL);

        //Create bone offset and current matrices

        int NumBones = pSkinInfo->GetNumBones();

        boneMesh->boneOffsetMatrices = new D3DXMATRIX[NumBones];        

        boneMesh->currentBoneMatrices = new D3DXMATRIX[NumBones];

        //Get bone offset matrices

        for(int i=0;i < NumBones;i++)

            boneMesh->boneOffsetMatrices = *(boneMesh->pSkinInfo->GetBoneOffsetMatrix(i));

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Attributes are used to divide the faces of a mesh into groups. Each group can be rendered separately by calling DrawSubset with the group's attribute as an id.

It's up to you what you're using the groups for. However, it's common to create a separate group for each material a mesh uses.

From the Direct3D 9 documentation: 


An attribute table is used to identify areas of the mesh that need to be drawn with different textures, render states, materials, and so on. In addition, the application can use the attribute table to hide portions of a mesh by not drawing a given attribute identifier (AttribId) when drawing the frame.


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