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Beginning Android Game Development

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Hey guys!


My questions are:-


1) What TOOLS can I use to create 3D Games for Android Devices? (I'm talking about Game Engines & APIs)


2) Does Android SDK provide a Framework for 3D Game Development?

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I have to agree with Unit, however, it can be a bit of work to find stuff initially.


When I first started it was a bit of a pain to find, but when I started looking around this last time I found that there are a few sweet cross development libraries available for use that will drastically help your development time.


From looking at speedtests that others had done for number of sprites (was working on 2d stuff), I ended up using libgdx... which allows you to develop on the computer, and then recompile when it is time to deploy to android or the web. Also, it works with ios, but you need a mono license...


Anyway, it has a few physics engines, I believe, as well as the ability to wrap your code into OpenGL 1.x or 2.x, so that you don't have to implement the nitty gritty yourself.


Beyond this, it also takes care of the onpause and onresume things that can become a pain...

I liked it because it is fast, free, and easy to use. It does apparently have Bullet Physics for Java, so it should be able to do everything you are wanting.


As for the native sdk, it has an OpenGL framework.

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Moved to the Mobile forum.


This is the first entry in the FAQ, I'll repeat it here:



Major Cross-platform iOS and Android -- sorted by cost:

  • Cocos2d-x C++ SDK (FREE!)
  • libGDX Java SDK (Free for most platforms, requires Xamarin purchase for iOS)
  • Dragonfire C++ SDK ($100)
  • Marmalade C++ SDK ($150)
  • Xamarin C# SDK ($80 - $400 depending on license)
  • appMobi HTML5 - Javascript (SaaS subscription)
  • Unity3D engine ($400 per platform)
  • Loom engine ($500)


There are many other small libraries that people have put together, none of them seem to have hit critical mass yet.

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