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EFP - 2D RPG Topdown Shooter

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Extreme Fighter Pilot is a 2D RPG Topdown Shooter where you play as a fighter pilot in 3 different time periods (selected from the start menu). 
The Classic time period is based on propeller driven aircraft and will feature 12 WW2 missions, Flak Cannons and Bomber missions based around both escorting and flying as the bomber. 
The Modern time period is based on current 4th generation jet aircraft and will feature 24 modern war missions, Anti-aircraft rocket emplacements, Anti-aircraft tanks, military airfields and includes missions based on a China/Russia coalition against Europe and the USA (a very original idea tongue.png) with a twist. 
The Future tie period is based on aircraft that can travel a short distance from Earth (far enough to reach the moon)  and will feature 12 Earth missions, 12 Moon missions, Future style aircraft and we might have aliens present if there is a demand for it.
The Multiplayer will feature 3 different modes, Attack and Defend, Dogfight and Team Dogfight. There will be a ranking system based on XP earned from kills, objectives, match bonuses and skill points. Gaining ranks will unlock new aircraft, aircraft equipment and bullet/missile modifiers. Up to 16 players.
Attack and Defend is made up of 2 teams, one attacking the other defending. It will have 2 rounds, the defenders objective is to stop they're airfield from being destroyed and the attackers objective is to escort a B52 bomber controlled by a randomly designated player
to bomb the opponents airfield, which is also defended by ground units.
Dofight is where the players are all against each other in an all out war and the player with the most kills wins the match and receives a greater XP match bonus.
Team Dogfight is like Dogfight but with teams and the team with the most kills wins the match and the whole team receives a greater XP match bonus
Arcade version: The Arcade Version will only feature certain parts of the normal version like some of the Modern and Future time period missions, Moon dogfights and Multiplayer up to 8 players. The Arcade version may also be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace, as it is being developed in XNA 4.0 and may also be released on Android, iOS and Windows Phone although those version will differ.
Keep updated on our YouTube channel or Website:
Credit to KuhnIndustries, cobe571 and jimbo45uk for the 3 aircraft models in the logo, 
 Aeritalia F-104S Starfighter: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/24153

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