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Issue trying to create a shared resource

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I am trying to interop between DirectX11 and DirectWrite so that I can render font in my window.  However, for some reason my code to create a shared throws an Invalid Argument exception:


            //create a shared texture where text will be 
            //rendered to before being blended with the main backbuffer
            textureD3D11 = new Texture2D(renderer.GraphicsPipeline.Device, new Texture2DDescription
                Width = form.Width,
                Height = form.Height,
                MipLevels = 1,
                ArraySize = 1,
                Format = Format.B8G8R8A8_UNorm,
                SampleDescription = new SampleDescription(1, 0),
                Usage = ResourceUsage.Default,
                BindFlags = BindFlags.RenderTarget | BindFlags.ShaderResource,
                CpuAccessFlags = CpuAccessFlags.None,
                OptionFlags = ResourceOptionFlags.KeyedMutex

            // A DirectX10 Texture2D sharing the DirectX11 Texture2D
            SlimDX.DXGI.Resource sharedResource = new SlimDX.DXGI.Resource(textureD3D11);
            SlimDX.Direct3D10.Texture2D textureD3D10 = device_10_1.OpenSharedResource<SlimDX.Direct3D10.Texture2D>(sharedResource.SharedHandle);


The exception is thrown on the line where I call OpenSharedResource().  Any ideas as to what's going on here?



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I'm not too experienced with using the shared resource stuff, but I think that if you want it shared, you need to use the ResourceOptionFlags.Shared flag, not the KeyedMutex flag.

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