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GDC - you should be going!

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nsmadsen    5578

Hey guys,


Just got back from another awesome week at GDC. If you've not gone before, you really should consider going! It's such an inspiring and worthwhile trip. Even if you don't land any jobs directly from the conference - there's much to be said about creating relationships, spending a week away from the norm while learning from some seriously creative and talented folks and becoming more inspired for the months to come!


I've been to GDC six times - three in Austin (when they had the audio track in Austin) and the last three years at San Fran. Each time I learn something new, foster deeper connections with pros in the industry, make new friends and remember why this is such an incredible (and friendly) industry to work in!


There are so many locations and times for GDC too - so pull together some cash, split a hotel if needed, and go! :)



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mychii    898

Nice! I really love to go, but the accommodation is still too high to go to US for me here, maybe next year, or looking forward for other conferences as well. A friend of mine did go there, but they're one of the invited developers for being nominees I think. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

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