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Pandora's Toybox

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Hello everybody. Today Pandora's Toybox is officially born. After months of the hard work of every team member, the moment is finally arrived. Maybe you've already heard about us, or maybe not. Anyway, here we are.


-The name:
We chose the team name together. The name Pandora's Toybox is a reference to a greek mithology object, the Pandora's box, the legendary container of all the world's evil, but at the same time the container of hope.
Revisited today in the name and in the form, the toybox contains infinite gaming possibilities. Indeed the choice of the name isn't random: for us to open the box means to open our mind, take out interesting concepts from it and develop these concepts without the concern of staying necessarily on the same game genre, but letting the inspiration and the wish to experiment carry us from time to time.
You'll never know what could come out from this box. To open it it's only up to you.
Our motto is "You'll never know what's coming next!"
-What we do:
We develop indie games for smartphones (only android systems for now) Our collaboration started thanks to our common passion for videogames, those we like to play: because first of all we are videogame player, and we think you can't do games if you're not a passion driven player. 
Federico Pecori, Alias Pech - Graphic Designer
Since he was a child, he was fascinated by the dynamics behind the videogame industry,
so he has eagerly approached the world of game development. 
He started using Rpg maker and has subscribed to various related forums and enjoys creating plots and scenerios for his games.
He also like to meet others who share his passion for games.
Confident, he tried to create everything that came to his mind, but soon he realized that he lacked the skill to make
something that could satisfy himself with.
So he decided to learn to use of various graphic softwares, like Photoshop and Illustrator. 
Francesco Bosso - Graphic Designer, Developer, Game Designer
Born in Naples, he spent most of his teenage years playing videogames, his greatest passion.
His passion has pushed him to learn several programming languages and graphic design software.
He is currently studying computer science at Federico II University, where one day he hopes to graduate and become a full-time computer programmer.
Andrea Gaiardoni, Alias Abadon - Graphic Designer
Always fascinated by anime and manga, he gets into the world of videogames.
Then he starts studying graphic design, when suddenly discovers RpgMaker, a software with whom he creates rpg games concepts. 
Thanks to his works, he draws the attention of the most important italian communities of game developing.
He's well-known especially for the developing of Chora, a game created with Rpgmaker VX Ace (and still under
He's specialized in various graphic design software, like Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop and others.
In addiction to being an acclaimed game designer, he works as a senior graphic designer in a graphic design studio in
Andrea Mastroianni - Graphic Designer
Since his childhood Andrea showed great imagination, that he tried in every way to express.
He dedicates himself to music, freehand drawing and graphic design. 
After he discovered the internet, he dove into the world of online role playing.
He occasionally works as graphic designer for amateur games and for several online communities.
Through years the passion for graphic design pushed him to attend a graphic design oriented course of study that
led him to specialize in this field of knowledge. 
He currently works as a freelance graphic artist.
Michele Bontorno - Developer
He has dreamed of making games since he was a child. Nothing has changed, he's still a child with the same dream.
Curious beyond imagination, he tries to deepen his knowledge of various subjects: computer programming, creative writing,
photography, psychology and acting. Those are only a few of his favourites.
He feels he can't stand his country anymore, and because of this would like to travel around the world, but then he sits in
front of his computer, starts with programming games and forgets about it.
Piero Dotti - Developer
Amused by videogames since he was little, he decided to understand how to use "those nice things" on his father's computer.
Soon he discovered Rpg maker, which introduced him into the world of computer engineering.
The idea of creating his own games, excites him.
He is passionate about creative writing, art and music, but realizes he shines in the computer programming field.
Knowing this, he seriously starts to deepen his skills in computer programming, trying to learn the various programming languages, and directing his academic studies towards the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering 
Fabiola Allegrone - Drawer
Specialized in comic art, she obtained the qualification of professional comic artist at the international school of comics of Brescia. She's naturally talented for the comic genre. Self-taught cartoon animator, she's got this passion since she can remember. Her biggest dream is to realize an amateur animated series.
She loves pixel art and she's really good at it. For her, creating a game should be a perfect union between the need of telling
a story and the wish of entertaining people.
In hers experience as an artist at the service of game making, she worked as character designer and animator.
Davide "C." Cangemi - Comic artist, Graphic designer
Davide is 28 and lives nearby the city of Palermo, Italy.
A comics, cartoons and videogames lover, he chose to follow an art-oriented path of study after the primary school.
He always loved comics. During his lessons at school he kept drawing characters on his excercise books irritating his teachers. After secondary school, he went to university, but quit after few years to dedicate himself to photography, cartoon animaton and graphic design.
He made the right choice when he attended a three year comic artists school, which prepared him
for his actual job: Video game creation.
Davide C. creates in-game graphics and concept art. With other teams he also worked on game concepts, text writing
and, occasionally, soundtrack composition.
Quesadilla - Composer
Born in Canada, he started his music studies at a young age. He loves to create music for video games and has worked on many productions stemming from rpgmakervx engines.
-Follow us
We are actually working on some titles and soon we will release updates and some other stuff about our new games, and about us. Follow us on our [url="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pandoras-Toybox/499315370105390"]Facebook[/URL] or [url="https://twitter.com/PandorasToyboxG"]Twitter[/URL] page and subscribe to the [url="http://www.youtube.com/user/PandorasToyboxGames?feature=mhee"]Youtube Channel[/URL]. Every wednesday we will post updates and on sunday we'll make in-depth analisys of our activities, opinion polls and much more stuff. 
Every question you have will be answered!



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