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"Invalid vertex shader. Link cannot proceed.": Unable to determine what went wrong by myself.

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This is currently the error that I'm facing right now. The problem is that for some reason, something I'm not sure of, is causing the program to fail. It sits there, failing to compile the shader, and it keeps stating that the vertex shader is invalid. The debug message is vague and hardly understandable.


Here's a screenshot of what the output says:




The vertex shader that may be detected as "invalid" is shown here:


uniform mat4 u_mvpMatrix;
uniform mat4 u_mvMatrix;
uniform vec3 u_lightPosition;

attribute vec4 a_position;
attribute vec4 a_color;
attribute vec3 a_normal;

varying vec4 v_color;

void main() {
    vec3 modelViewVertex = vec3(u_mvMatrix * a_position);
    vec3 modelViewNormal = vec3(u_mvMatrix * vec4(a_normal, 0.0));

    float distance = length(u_lightPosition - modelViewVertex);
    vec3 lightVector = normalize(u_lightPosition - modelViewVertex);
    float diffuse = max(dot(modelViewNormal, lightVector), 0.1);
    diffuse = diffuse * (1.0 / (0.25 * distance * distance));

    v_color = a_color * diffuse;

    gl_Position = mvpMatrix * a_position;

There's no debug info from glGetShaderInfo():




Double checking to see I did anything wrong in the glGetShaderInfo(), I created a local String variable and did another check.




Since there's no info log, I might as well go check to see if there's something wrong with the shader. Nope...




The red dotted DEBUG loggings are marked as working while I am stepping-over the lines of code. The blue Xs marked that the DEBUG loggings failed to output anything.


It's as if I have lost quite a few leads. Can anyone help me tackle this problem? If it's the shader language that's doing the fault, can you tell me what I did wrong? Thanks.


Pastebin of the entire code.

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gl_Position = mvpMatrix * a_position;


Shouldn't that be u_mvpMatrix there? I'm not sure why you're not getting more info though, maybe the driver is just being silly.


Oh my God, how did I missed that? Blame it all on the debug error messages. Thank you! <3

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