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Testing beta of Super Slime Soccer

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Hello theresmile.png

I’m hoping to get a little bit of help balancing the game I am currently developing.

It’s a slime game called Super Slime Soccer.


You can try out the beta at

I need help for balancing the different slime that I have created, and ideas for new slimes.

The game will get uploaded to kongregate as soon as it is finished!


If you tell me with slimes you think that are best it would be a huge help to me

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It took me about a minute to load (seems too long).

I also struggled to find how to start the game until I found out the space bar is the confirmation button (I highly recommend some sort of button callouts as I almost gave up much like jms bc did).

I played two games, the first as maniac slime, and the second as super slime (VS invisible slime). Playing against invisible slime was terrible. He just made me invisible for almost the entire match, so I was essentially guessing at what to do rather than using any sort of strategy. I highly recommend changing the invisible power to be quick bursts of invisibility that can be strategically launched rather than just letting the player be invisible for 90% of the match. Perhaps cutting out a bunch of the slimes would be beneficial to creating a fun experience, or maybe locking some slimes to be unlocked through playing the game (as it stands it's overwhelming seeing about 20+ slimes to choose from just jumping into the game).

Other than that the game was pretty cute. I liked the feel of hitting the ball and the ball hitting the post was satisfying.

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That is great advice cardinal and jms bc! From what you are telling me, I get that I should implement the following:


1) A clear show of what keys to use for the game.

2) Add a loading % bar, and try to reduce loading time.

3) Lock some slimes to be unlocked later.

4) Adjust the invisible slime to be less aggressive. 

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Ah, can't believe I missed the space bar...must have been a bad slap.


Tried it again, controls are strange. I couldn't tell what I was doing except for controlling the slime's eyeballs. If I did nothing, my unit played the game. If I tried to control it, it played the game but with a bit of jitter. 


edit: Ok, I didn't realize that I was the slime on the right...heh, for some reason I expect to be on the left...




I like the slimes, and the variation.

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