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Super Guy

Survival of the Fittest

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Survival of the Fittest, a light-hearted 2D sandbox RPG made in Engine 001 set in the stereotypical cavemen times with dinosaurs and stuff like that.
You're a man/woman who recently turned 16 and decided it was time to leave your tribe and see the rest of the island off of Pangaea you are on, and that is exactly what you do. There is not going to be a main story, to let you go explore and create your own adventures. 
Planned features include:
-A wide-open, living and breathing (day/night cycle, random weather, etc.) original sandbox world to explore with quests to do, dinosaurs to beat up, loot to grab and weird people to meet.
-Customizable characters. Perks to choose from on every second level up, so you can choose how you want to play.
-Crafting system.
-Full sound, with sound effects for everything and lots of music.
-Survival! You’ll have to drink, eat and sleep to survive.
-Dinosaur fights! Kick dino butt!
-Factions… Fight for the cause you believe in or go it alone!
-Achievements. Gain bonus XP for doing optional tasks.
Follow for more updates on my progress, as well as news and more screenshots.
I would love feedback and any help getting the game out there. Thanks!
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Very cool. I love these types of games, there are not enough of them. I will definitely follow the progress of this game.

I guess I have a few questions just to pick your brain. Is this a game like lost in blue for the ds (more of the collecting the resources to survive) or more like tribes for the computer (more of a puzzle game)?

Can you create buildings or items that make living easier? What I mean by that is, I can kill a Dino that gives 1 meat but if I use a knife it will give me 5 meat?

Last thing off the top of my head involves the people you find. When you find the people that need help of what have you, if they join you can they help you build and get food?

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Thanks! Feel free to follow me as that would be easiest for you to keep up to date.


I haven't played either, but I guess more like Lost in Blue. You are thrown into the world to survive how you want, a bit like Minecraft with less building and more combat and quests.


You can certainly create items that make living easier, but not building as that is a lot harder to code. At the moment that knife only kills quicker (by doing less damage). If you want that to change, feel free to say so.


I honestly don't know - haven't worked on companions yet. Maybe.

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