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c++ syntax error

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i ran to this problem that I cannot figure out what's causing it. I'm using visual studio 2010 express (C++) and first this code seeme'd to work but running clean-build ends up in error.




template<class Archive,class EntClass> inline 
void loadEntityConstructData(Archive & ar, EntClass * obj, const unsigned int version)

 Point2F pos;
 F32 angle;
 std::string data;

 EntityData *entData = 0;





Gives error:
Error 220 error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'obj'

the code above is called from another template function:



template<class Archive> inline void load_construct_data(Archive & ar, classname * t, const unsigned int version) 
{ loadEntityConstructData(ar,t,version); }  


maybe someone knows what's wrong?




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Did you try removing the scope operator :: from the new call? Edited by SiCrane

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i found the problem. the new was actually overrided and that caused the problem.


#define DEBUG_NEW new(_NORMAL_BLOCK,__FILE__, __LINE__)_)
#define new DEBUG_NEW


for the memory leak detecting code. not sure if there's better way overloading the new.


thanks in anycase

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