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Light following camera in OpenGL shader (problem)

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So I'm trying to implement my own per-pixel light shader.  I'm using OpenGL


If I use gl_LightSource[0].position.xyz in my fragment shader everything works like it's suppose too.  I'm trying to send in the light position to a uniform variable, instead of using the gl_LightSource attribute.  I just can't seem to get it right.


In my Render Function (psuedo code)


setup projection

change to modelview and load idenity




for each object




 Bind Buffers







So using LightSouce[] position works when i set the position after the cameraMatrix before the FOR loop.


I'm trying to send the Light Position in eye Coordnates.  so I'm taking the light position and multiplying by the CameraMatix  (modelView).  Thats what I pass into the shader when setting shader uniforms.



So where did I go wrong when looking at this ?  Also, Should I be doing push/pop matrices with shaders?  If not, is there a better way to organize and send them to the shader?   But mostly, I want to know where I went wrong.


Thanks for any help, and those that took the time to read this.

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Can someone tell me if this might be the answer:


my CameraMatrix right now is the ModelViewMatrix.  The LightPosition is defined in world Space.  Should I be doing ViewMatrix * lightPosition to send it into eye space, instead of ModelViewMatrix * LightPosition?

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