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C++ Function to center image?

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So i'm working with a game engine that was wrote by charles kelly for his book programming 2D games.

His engine is rather good, however positioning images is rather bad as it does it as x = left corner and y = top of image
I don't want to do the maths to center an image in the position x,y i'd much rather write a function for it..

there's already functions for getting the center x and center y.


however how would i go about writing a function so that it takes int x, int y and moves the image so that its center is x,y?

// Return center X.
    virtual float getCenterX()      {return spriteData.x + spriteData.width/2*getScale();}

    // Return center Y.
    virtual float getCenterY()      {return spriteData.y + spriteData.height/2*getScale();}

// getScale() incase needed
// Return scale factor.
    virtual float getScale()    {return spriteData.scale;}


The image to above shows what im after..

red = current setting.

blue = what im after

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I think this should work.

virtual void setCenteredPosition(float x, float y) {
    spriteData.x = x - spriteData.width/2*getScale();
    spriteData.y = y - sprideData.height/2*getScale();
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