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Nicholas Kong

How to overwrite a sound/music file in a game?

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What I mean by this: suppose the background music for fighting an enemy is being played. But as soon as the character loses all his lives, the player gets a game over which means a game over music should be playing. I am going to code this in Java.


So in a programming sense, am I better off

1) using the same object reference that plays the background music. Then use the flush method on the object and then close method on the object. Play new gameover music when gameover happens.




2) use the same object reference that plays the background music. Somehow figure out a new way to overwrite the background music and play the gameover music using that same object reference. I think this can save me essentially by reusing the same object instead of creating a new object for the gameover music.


I need advice.

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I'm not sure how java works but probably trying to overwrite your first music is going to be just as expensive as creating a new object - usually the object's data takes up the memory (the music file) not the object's methods.. Since you will have to have the new sound file loaded anyways why not give it it's own object.


My suggestion - if java lets you do this which im sure it does.. Load and initialize all of your sound files in to their own objects when the game starts and then just use references to these objects whenever needed - you can store references to these sound file objects in whatever objects use them


For example.. you have a sound of a monster dying (AAUGHGHAH!! or something like that) - you could load the sound file and initialize it at startup and then give the monster object (probably you represent your monster with a class) a reference to that sound and play it whenever it dies


Anyways good luck!

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