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Vector problems in C++ class

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I have been having a problem with the vector index , saying that the vector subscript is out of range. I know where the problem in the code is originating, however, I have no idea why or how the index is getting out of range. This is a DarkGDK project which I don't know will make any difference in helping me with it.


Here is the code that I believe is causing it:

				(boy.getImageIndex()+1 % (boy.getVectorSize())));
			car.display(dbMouseX(), dbMouseY());

There are five indices in the vector from 0 to 4. The getVectorSize function is nothing more than vector.size(). Here is the function getImageIndex code:

int Sprite::getImageIndex() const
	if(images.size() != 4)
	return imageIndex;

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If you need any other information, please let me know and I will get it.

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