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Alex Melbourne

Code generation (VS2012)

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I'm going through and learning how to use Visual Studio properly and I've recently discovered its modelling tools (hooray!). I already knew UML so I've set about creating the layout of the engine/game I'm building.


Now I found it's possible to generate code from these diagrams but the code is always in a C# project. I'm happy to write out the T4 files to generate C++ and not C# but I can't find a way to simple dump the files in a directory.


I know how to write MSBuild files fairly well but I don't know how to achieve what I want...


To summaries: Does anyone know how to prevent the generation of a C# project file and simply dump the generated header files in a different project directory.


I want to make the engine project dependent on modelling project so that I can regenerate structure quickly and simply.

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