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C++ console games tutorials and thread pointers please

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VaugeCookie    303

Hi for the last 3 months i have been learning to program, i have been learning c++, its addictive, im obviously new to all this so i spend most of my time yelling obscenities at my computer then grinning like an idiot when i realise its all because i missed a ";"


i would really like to make a simple 2d game and have seen various "pong", "tick tac toe" and other examples,


i would be greatful if anyone could point me in the direction of some solid tutorial examples or any threads that i may find useful to create any kind of moving game within the console window, and if you want to chuck in any suggestions ( constructive of course ) i would welcome them too, the only programs i have at the moment are visual C++2010 and the windows sdk 7.1, though im not to sure how to use it yet, thanks again for any help / advice you throw my way,   smile.png  

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Crowseye    308

I know some will probably consider it a waste of time, but writing games like Tetris and Snake on the console, and moving on to small Roguelikes can be a nice exercise for novice programmers IMO.  There's a useful lesson about separating game logic and graphics/input systems that writing such games for the console can help make clear.


Benryves has a tutorial that covers the basics of the console over on his site.  I started there and went on to write my own wrappers for console "graphics" and input.  If you follow kaktusas' link and dig around you can get to which gives you the documentation on the functions in wincon.h


If you google something like "Breakout console C++" or "Snake console C++" you can also find a number of examples with code (some better than others, obviously).

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MrCodeSushi    1066

I made a colorful animated boggle game in console a few years ago. I don't have a readily available executable but i have the source code for it. The code is a bit messy but i made a crude graphics and input system similar to Benryves' tutorial as what Crowseye suggested.


The game has a complete UI interface with buttons and texts and receives input from keyboard and mouse. As an added bonus there's even a mini mp3 player built-in for you to choose or switch songs and play them using fmod.


You'll also need to download fmod for the source to compile; for the music player thing.



Boggle.7z (12.5 MB)
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