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Soul Reaper

CityScape 3D , reduce the tedious, labor intensive process of building and modifying urban environments

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CityScape was created to reduce the tedious, labor intensive process of building and modifying urban environments, empowering the interactive world builders of tomorrow.

Using robust data importing, rapid urban modeling, Active Adjustment features, and procedural modeling, CityScape is able to achieve substantial improvements in worker efficiency over traditional object modeling tools and scene editors.

Worlds created by CityScape are compatible with a variety of file formats and optimized for real-time rendering engines.



Hi guys


I'm a reverse enigneer, I"m not a hacker or a pirate, I also work as a developer !


I've recently been able to modify the latest version of this "No longer available or sold" software, the company doesn't exist any more.


It's called "CityScape", if you are interested in viewing its abilities you can check this video :


the last version was distributed as a promotional copy with many limitations, I was able to bypass this problem and the software is almost


capable of performing the most important functions like :


1 - Creating a huge city up to 20KM X 20KM

2 - Placing unlimited number of models and assets on the terrain, the number was limited to 25

3 - Ability to save and resume your work later

4 - Ability to export to 3dsmax via FBX plugin.



this is not a scam or a hoax, this is a link to the latest crippled demo version


IF any body is interested in getting this sole modified version, please contact me and we will discuss the details.


It can be a life saver with games that require modeling huge landscapes or cities or even streets.



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