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CalebFaithMusic    1068



Sorry this question is related to game music but lately I've been looking at anime music and I really like it. I was curious if there were any major sites that anyone knows of which is like but for film/anime music? (basically focussing on cartoons/anime)


Also if anyone has done some film/cartoon/anime music how did they land the gig?




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nsmadsen    5578

My first in-house job was at FUNimation Entertainment, which brands anime and live action for the US market. So I've done a lot of work in anime. But.... as far as looking for a website for those kinds of gigs, I haven't found much. I actually heard about FUNimation's opening via Craigslist of all things! :P There is which has a fair amount of film jobs and I've landed some work there. 

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