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EVSM artifacts at depth discontinuations

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I'm getting artifacts that seem to be related to increasing the exponent coefficient (C) in exp(c*depth) and -exp(-c*depth). The more I increase it, the bigger the artifacts seem to get. The artifact became much more apparent when I added a 5x5 gaussian blur to it. I believe I've seen the same artifact in an article about Exponential shadow maps (ESM, not EVSM).


Here's an image of multiple instances of the artifact:



Here's how it look with normal shadow mapping and PCF filtering:




Is this a known problem of E(V)SMs? Can it be solved? Maybe it's only noticeable due to the extremely aligned geometry I have? I really don't understand much of the math behind all this, but I'll try to find the ESM article that solved a similar problem...

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