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Adding multiple lights to a shader

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I've been writing shaders by hand so far, and thought I'd play around with FX Composer.  I started with a Blinn shader, did my little billiard ball specular highlight, worked fine.


When I went to add a second light, however, I was stuck.  You can add as many lights to the "scene" as you want, but it doesn't change or update the shader.


I had -imagined- that if I added more lights it would in turn update the HLSL code, adding those lights into the diffuse/specular/lambert calculations.  But it doesn't seem to.


So before I spend a bunch more time trying to figure out -how- to make FX Composer do the work for me, can it even do so?


Certainly I can hand-code in the text editor window the code needed to handle a second light source, but that's only a step up from notepad.  Can someone tell me if I suffer from incorrect expectations or if FX Composer doesn't even do this?




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