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Are we allowed to post portfolios for critiquing?

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emcconnell    940

In your description of projects, list the tools, techniques and other stuff first. Since you said you wanted to work in AAA or MMO's a, non-technical, HR department employee will be looking over your webpage (if they even look at all). List key buzzwords, and other things they will be scanning for, in a very obvious manor. They probably don't know how motion capture works, but they have a list of "skills" or "tools" or some buzzword that they will be scanning for to judge whether you qualify or not. Good luck

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frob    44908

Took me about 30 seconds of looking at the link to figure out what to look for, and what to click on.


That's about 29 seconds too long. 



I open the site and I see "I'm a student, and here is some flash".  It does not say "I am a game developer".  I had to scroll down, then I had to figure out what I was looking at, then I had to figure out where to click.  (I tried about six items before finding your hover-flash-links)




Read this, the advice mostly applies to your site.


Some good examples (courtesy of Google, no preference to any of these people)

Lots of goods.   Load the site and there are immediately good pictures and links.

Similar.  No hunting for the games, just the immediately obvious links to what he has worked on.

Simple design. Picture of the game, description of what it was and what he did.

Similar, but design is reversed right to left.


You might also want to read this and similar pages.




Finally, even the best-looking web page in the world will be useless if nobody looks at it.  Your resume and other job application information *MUST* draw the person to draw the person to look at your web site.



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Frob, I thank you for the critical advice and examples. I did note that the last link you have there isn't working (at least for me), do you have another link? Also, what do you guys think about a slideshow? A friend of mine who is far more skilled than I am keeps on recommending that I add a slideshow at the homepage.

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