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Kickstarter Script- First Draft

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Good morning GameDev, 


As I had such a great response to my last topic of feedback for my Kickstarter rewards, I decided to post the first draft of my script for my pitch video. Please feel free to offer any feedback, this is super stripped down (no jokes any any flair) because I Just wanted to get all the information lined up and as clear and concise as possible.

Parentheses are instructions for what will be shown on the screen- changing between me talking, still images of the game, concept art and video of prototype. Thank you for reading!  





Estimated Running time- 5:30

(Logo fades in and out)


Voiceover: (with 4 still slides showing story exposition)

(Nevera Map Image)

For generations, the world of Nevera has been a dark and shattered place. Long ago, a great number of wizards, magicians and sorcerers, discovered powers over life and death.

(Close up of Necromancers Image)

Consuming and corrupting, the use of these abilities devastated the land, and those who wielded them were called, Necromancers.
(Wars Image)

Many used these powers to seek tyranny, destruction and immortality, by the most terrible means. Horrendous wars were fought, alliances forged and territories claimed, irreparably misshaping the world.
(Close Up of Undead Image)

Now, hordes of undead roam the land like wild beasts, and more Necromancers than ever pursue even greater power. One of the last small places in the world which retains some sense of serenity, will suffer a calamity, and give rise to one who will alter all Nevera, and life itself.


Introduction: (Me on Camera, talking and being all cool and stuff)

Hello, my name is Daniel Bishop, and this is a Kickstarter pitch to seek funding and support for the development of my video game: Necromancer; The Fight for Life.


The Setting:

The game is a fantasy role-playing game, based in a fictional world called Nevera, which is overrun by necromancers and undead, who often descend into destructive battles. My story takes place in the midst of this tumultuous time; The War of The Dead. 


The Story:

(Still of Harper concept art) You play Harper, a young protagonist with the gender of your choosing. Harper lives in a relatively peaceful village. From a young age Harper knew he had innate talents for necromancy, but hid them away because he was scared of his own potential and the responsibility that could lead to.

(Still of Harper’s hometown) One day, Harper’s village is overrun and destroyed by a necromancer, and in the devastation his childhood friend is Alex is killed.

(Still of Alex concept art) In his haste and panic, Harper binds the sprit of Alex to a mannequin, transforming Alex into a living marionette and together they escape the village. This is where you enter the story.

(Several stills of environment concept art) In order to fully save Alex, Harper must explore his own potential as a necromancer and as a person, which will drive him across the world, deeper into The War of The Dead and eventually into the Underworld.

(Several still of environments concept art) You will travel across an array of unique cultures, allying yourself with different factions, completing quests, and most importantly; battling other necromancers.


The Game-Play:

(Demo footage of in game towns) The game will feature over 70 story based quests not including side quests, spread across 5 unique cultures. The game progression will be pretty linear, but with optional ways to complete quests, dialogue options, romantic storylines, and multiple endings, there will plenty to experience again.

(Several stills of creatures) The focus of the game-play is the battles and minion management, which will be very similar to other monster capturing role-playing games such as Pokémon, Medabots and Jade Cocoon, where you capture, train and battle minions while advancing through the story.

There are over 150 unique minions; the first 100 of which can transform into more powerful minions when they reach a certain experience level, and the final 50 can be obtained only by fusing certain pairs of the minions from the first 100.

(Several stills of minion attacks) There are over 250 battle actions to learn across 48 disciplines, split into physical attacks, magical attacks, buffs and debuffs. The minions themselves will have ten stats which inform the calculations for these attacks and I am devoting a great deal of time to ensure that any minion can be competitive and there will be no ‘junk’ minions. *Raticate*

(Demo footage of in game battles) The battle system allows you to summon three minions at a time against enemies, rewarding the use strategy to create a formidable team. The combat will be turn based, so it can be played in your style in your time.


What Makes This Different?

You can choose the gender of Harper, and you can also choose the gender of your two main companions who will be with you throughout the story. Through dialogue options at various points, you can pursue romantic interests with either, both or neither of your companions, allowing for same sex romantic relationships which have been neglected in video game storytelling.

Also throughout the story as you grow in power, you will be asked to make important moral and ethical decisions regarding the life and death of characters in the game, in ways that challenges your emotional intelligence and reflects real world ethical issues.


What I Need:

I am asking for $$$ for software licences, to employ a programmer, and for marketing. Stretch goals include multiplayer support, art overhauls, translations and porting to more devices.  Rewards include but are not limited to free copies of the game, merchandise, a gorgeous field guide, and a chance to be in the game.



Thank you for listening, if you have any questions, feedback or just want to say hi, you can contact me my via my website and email address. I truly appreciate any contribution you wish to make. Thank you for considering becoming part of Necromancer, The Fight For Life, and I hope you choose to decide how amazing it will be.

(Fade in and out Title Screen)

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