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Dungeon/ Maze generator

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catchthefloaty    137

so i made a dungeon/maze generator.
-player that can move around. arrow keys to control.
-walls. player cant move through. these are the black lines.
-doors. player can open by touching. these are the brown lines.
-can generate a new maze by pressing r key.
-generates a spiral shape, diffrent size each time.
-generates wall on outside of maze. not always visible as it usually goes off the camera.
-if hardware would support, could generate mazes infinately big.

-coded in python/pygame
tell me what you think!


currently only a windows .exe



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catchthefloaty    137
The idea was to generate a dungeon out in a spiral.
It was only supposed to use one room at a time(like binding of Isaac) but rooms became more like tiles.
The numbers are the order in which they where generated.

A largely unused feature is that each tile is aware of which number tile is to it's left, right,top,bottom.

The physics code is horrendous and written by me other than the pygame rect.collide function. Learned enough to want to use a physics library next time.

Generation is random based on a formula I arbitrarily

Not sure what im going to do with it at this point... I've gotta optimize So much of it I might as well start

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