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Making a bone point to a target?

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Kaze    948

This is in unity but uses vectors and quaternions that should work the same in most libraries.


I want to make a bone look at a target point but have two problems.


1: unity uses z+ forward and blender uses x-


2: the look at should avoid excessive twisting of the bone.


public class BoneLookAt : MonoBehaviour {

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		//save rest data
		restRot = this.transform.localRotation;
			//filter input
		FowardQuaternionInverse = Quaternion.Inverse( Quaternion.LookRotation(Foward));
	public Vector3 Foward = new Vector3(-1,0,0);
	private Quaternion FowardQuaternionInverse;
	private Quaternion restRot;
	public Vector3 GetTargetPosition(){
		return this.transform.position +  (this.transform.parent.rotation * restRot) * Foward;
	public Quaternion LookAt(Vector3 v){
		 return  Quaternion.LookRotation(v-this.transform.position) * FowardQuaternionInverse;
	private Vector3 ang = new Vector3();

	void Update () {
		Debug.DrawLine(this.transform.position,this.transform.position + this.transform.rotation * Foward);
		this.transform.rotation = LookAt(GetTargetPosition());


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