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My music projects, feedback please

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Funkigamoses    121

Hello everybody! I just want to share my music with you!



"Kommandotolken" is swedish for "the command-line interface". 


Kommandotolken is an electronically music project, founded by me, Henrik Thomasson. I take influences from synth music, ambient, electro, rock, hip hop, lo-fi and noise. I am inspired by Com Truise, Airliner, Depeche Mode, Alphaville, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Frank Klepacki, Erasure, Shmu, Henry Homesweet, Neon Indian, Superchunk, Christian Marclay and Otomo Yoshihide.


I  began to play the drums as the age of 11. By the age of 13, I started to play the bass, simultaneously as I played the drums. I developed my skills, and started to record my own songs in my attic. I had an old 4 channel Behringer mixer, as well as some JJlabs microphones.


I use a lot of various instruments, ranging from the drums, to synthesizers, toy instruments, effect processors, gaming consoles, various electronic equipment etc.


My music is somewhere in the field of being improvised and being organized. Kosmonauten Mango Ökenfolket Lucida Drömmar Oceanen



I have a few other projects as well.

Meijer - Electro/music concrete

Hydrolog -Rock/experimental



I record all the instruments myself.


You can find them here:



I would love to get some feedback, and also some advice on how to get into the video game industry! I really want to make music for a game!

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