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Deadlands 3000 - Browser Based Post Apocalyptic adventure.

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Hello everyone, I am obviously new to the forums, but I thought you guys wouldn't mind to terribly if I shared one of my games I created with you. Its a perfect kind of game to play at work since you can play from any computer. You can just jump in, do a few things and jump out.


+++Please note, this is NOT a run by posting, I actually plan to be an active member of your community...and it did say this was the spam area of the forums smile.png +++


Anywhere here is a little blurb about my game


After the Great Cataclysm not much of society has survived, but that doesn't mean there isn't adventure to be found. Danger lurks around every corner and only a stalwart ganger can even hope to carve out a name for himself here.

Perhaps you plan to be the top gang leader in Alpha Dome 117, or the wealthiest merchant, maybe even the cage fighting champion, or a raider to be feared, this and much more is available to the clever, the strong, the daring and the lucky. So come inside what's left of the once beautiful City of Ash Flats and let your path to destiny begin.

* Build and Control your own Gang
* Compete to be the richest, largest most powerful gang in the Deadlands
* Explore huge Domes, twisting Sewers and endless Wastelands.
* Equip your ganger with the best Archeotech items Wooden Nickels can buy
* Corner the Black Market with items from Silicone Crystals to Master Crafted Lascannons
* Turn your Ganger into the ultimate Cyborg with Bionic Implants and Enhancements!
* Explore unique towns and discover hidden secrets of the Deadlands
* Rule the Caged Arena as Champion of the Cage Fighters
* Raid the landscape hunting other players for glory and wooden nickels
* 10000 Character levels!!
* Train pets to do your bidding
* More items and gear are added almost daily!

With all these great features what are you waiting for? Leave your mark in the Deadlands today!

Deadlands 3000


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I thought perhaps some screenshots might be in order.



An abandoned house...

The entrance to the Warrens...

The entrance to the Doonmorr Mines...

The Black Market...

A couple of players fishing...


Multi-Player Combat (note the psionic fireball in action)...



I have even more screenshots but this should be enough to get started :)


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Well i couldn't resist not showing these off. I just got these in...how is this for being dedicated to the game? LOL

That's right, Deadlands 3000 business cards! Heck ya! \m/

I am going to put them in my local game stores and what not, plus where I work I get a lot of people asking about the game, so these should come in handy.

What do you guys think?



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