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Arseniy Shved

Behavioral research for programmers. Please, take a poll.

11 posts in this topic

Hello everyone.

I am conducting a research for an article that will be published on my Gamasutra.com blog.

If you are not a programmer please, ignore this topic!


Here is the question.

Imagine that an awesome opportunity to get a job in a game development company presented itself. The salary is high, the projects are interesting, the work conditions are good, and overall it is better and you want it.

All you need to do is to show the sample of your best code.

You are presented with 2 options:

  • Private option: send the sample of your best work by email so that ONLY THEY could see it.
  • Public option: showcase your work on their public forum, where EVERYONE could see it.


Please choose the statement which correlates with your thoughts better. Take a minute to think about the statements. All of them have upsides and downsides.

  1. I am comfortable with both private and public options. I have no problem showing my work anywhere.
  2. I am comfortable with private option, but not with the public one. I have no problems with sending my work by email to my potential employer.
  3. I am comfortable with public option, but not with the private one. I have no problems with showcasing my work on public forums.
  4. I am uncomfortable with both options. However I have no problems with showcasing my other, slightly less impressive works.
  5. I am uncomfortable with both options. There is no way in hell I shall share any of my work with potential employer neither privately nor in public.

I will update this thread (or post) when the article goes live and provide you with a link, so stay tuned.

If you have any comments, thoughts or criticism, please leave a reply.



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I have posted this poll in several subforums in order to ensure that the people taking it did not mix up (for example coders with artists). I hope the fact that this poll does not technically lie within the scope of this subforum will not be an issue, for it seemed like the most appropriate place. Thank you.

Posting the same topic across several forums is usually treated as spamming. My first reaction was almost to just flag this account as a spam bot without reading the post!
So far it's across 5 programming forums only...
I'm on the crappy iPhone interface, but another mod will probably have to clean this up...

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I am posting it on several subforums because I am curious how programmers, artists, writers and game designers differ in regard of sharing their work.
I decided to place a poll in each subforum, to reach for a broader audience.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.
If I would post the poll only in one programming subforum, and in game design, writing, art and music subforum, will it be considered a violation?

Also I am sorry for any inconvenience. In no way did I wish to do harm. I apologize.

Edited by Arseniy1987

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All threads are visible on the recent-threads list which is where the spamming impression comes from. Multiple posts also create multiple separate discussions. You'll get multiple, but interactive, discussions if you keep it to a single thread, and that may improve the feedback you get.


If you want to, I, or any mod for the matter, can move this thread to another forum if you feel it's more suitable than the Game Programming forum. This one is quite general though and has a fair amount of activity so I'll leave it in here for the moment, unless you would like it moved somewhere else.


p.s. I'm not ignoring your PMs, I'm just replying to them here instead.


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OK, In this case I suggest you leave this topic here and destroy the remaining ones. I will steadily, with several-days interval add up new polls and make sure they are called in a way only a group of people I'm interested in, will take it.
Thank you for your assistance and underastanding.

Edited by Arseniy1987

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a lot would have to do with the reputation of the company.


generally speaking though, one does not just hand over intellectual property rights without a stack of signed NDA's, and an army of lawyers to back it up. unless one is in the business of giving away their best code.


and if one is in the business of giving away one's best code, one is not in business for long.


this of course assume one's best code has value to both parties.


if the code is of no value, sure  give it away.


but if its of no value to the "interviewer", then it will  be useless as a means of evaluating the candidate's skills, and also as technology that can be stolen.


if its something like a meeting where you show them your code, but they don't get a copy, that might be acceptable - with NDAs and lawyers to back it up.  


any request like that coming from a company with a rep for heavy handed tactics such as MS or SIerra (now owned by EA?) would be a signal to proceed with caution.


generally speaking, when it comes to disclosing intellectual property of value (like a game engine, or the parts and techniques that make yours better), a paraphrase of Warren Zevon is not far off: "bring lawyers, guns, and money".


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depends on the definition of "best code", if i built a great sample demo, i'd probably be willing to distribute it, as that's why i built it.  If my best code is from a game i've built for commercial purposes, then i woudn't probably hand it over.


Most likely i'd either pass a pre-created demo designed directly for handing out code to potential employees, or i'll write a unique sample for them, I however won't distribute my code which is used in production.


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It depends on what is meant by the "best" code. If a company is evaluating a candidate for a team, then the "best" code in this case can do next to nothing and still be the best: clarity, readability, structure, consistency would be the main evaluation points. Another case of the "best" code would be something that has the best value. However if a company is looking for this particular type of code, then they are not actually interested in the code, they are interested if you are awesome.


Thing is, my best code which does something productive looks the same as my code which does something boring. I would send the code for the boring case and a executable binary of the productive case. With a note: this is how my code looks like, and this is what I can do.



Edited by Nercury

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Pretty easy one for me.
My second job is acting on Japanese TV and movies so being in a public spotlight is nothing.  That goes for my code as well, snippets of which I already often post in public.
L. Spiro

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I believe my best code is in open source projects, so it is already public.


However I would find it odd that a company would even advertise the option of a public submission. Public applications fit some things, like a band looking for a new drummer or vocalist wants the applicants to post YouTube videos of them playing, but a programmer in the company would be eventually working under NDA's anyway, so it would in a manner be unbalanced and unfair to require the applicants to show their code in public. Offering both public and private options creates the impression (at least to me) that the private applications would be considered of less value, even if that wasn't the intention.


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      The end goal is a completed game that can be sold however profit isn't really a concern to me as it's mostly a labor of love from my part.  Any profits would be split between team members however that's pretty far off so don't make that a reason to join.
      The story I have in mind is something like this:
      A man wakes up in a chasm that stretches seemingly endlessly in both directions lined with enormous statues.

       He discovers a temple with text above a closed gate that tells of the failed kingdom that lies below.  After finding a way around this, he drops down into the subterranean kingdom.  Adventuring through the labrynth below, he comes across different cities in which the residents succumbed to different sins such as Greed, Wrath, etc.  Each city tells a story of how its fixation on something lead to their demise leading up to a fight with the personification of their mistake.
      An very rough idea for Waterways, a potential area:
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      The combat is pretty up in the air and part of the reason I need a designer to bounce ideas off of but I think it will be something like this:
       - 4 orbs equipped at a time
       - 2 orbs selected at a time
       - Pressing the cast button will cast a spell determined by the 2 orbs that are selected
       - Spells cost mana however you can use spells with 0 mana and it will cost health instead
       - These spells in addition to being useful for combat, are the Metroidvania "gating" metchanic.  For instance, one of the conceptualized spells is a water orb + water orb to create a ice pillar that can be either used to block projectiles/enemy paths or to jump on to reach high areas
      If you're interested or have any questions, contact me through discord.  My id is NA-45#3692. 
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      Radio Rabbit

      About The game
      Radio Rabbit is a local coop shoot ‘em up where two players control one more or less combined character. The character exists out of a rabbit’s body and a floating, still to the body connected, giant eye.
      Each player controls one of them.

      The rabbit’s goal is to fly safely through the level and to avoid enemies to reach the goal.  The Eye on the other hand can shoot. He is the one who clears the way. One character can move the other can shoot. So both player need to work together to fight of evil creatures and to complete the level.

      •    explore the level to find the key which activates the portal gate
      •    escape through the portal before the timer runs out
      •    if you are to slow, the nuke will explode
      •    use your character abilities, the rabbit can boost while the eye got the vision
      •    you’ll get more powerful abilities from items such as a supershot
      •    shoot as many enemies as possible to gain score
      •    remaining time at the end of each level gets added to the score

      •    2 Player couch coop
      •    4 level + tutorial
      •    an epic boss fight
      •    fully gamepad supported (XBox or equivalent)
      •    local high score
      Grab a friend and check it out!
      Please feel free to leave comments and feedback!
      and ENJOY!
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