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Starting on first game (mobile)

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sti4thewin    115

What would be the best game engine for creating a 3d turn based RPG for ios, android? Trying to be along the lines of infinity blade. Would Unity engine be good for this? Any tips for a first timer?

btw I'm still new to programming and I only know python(not fully). I just picked up a book on C++ tho

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HappyCoder    5052
Honestly, I would pick a smaller project to start with. A 3D turn based RGP is quite an undertaking. On the surface it may appear to not be that complicated but in reality there is a lot of work that goes into a game, even with an existing game engine.

Start by making games like tetris, breakout, or something similar. Once you are getting the hang of that, start to move up. Make a 2D tile based game. This could be a simple platformer, or even the basics of an RPG. After working your way through a few of these games then Perhaps you could try your hand at the kind of game you are looking to do now.

If you are wanting to program just because you want to bring your great game idea to life then you probably aren't going to make it there. It is a long path but if you enjoy the actual programming aspect of it then you will enjoy the journey and over the years you will find your self an increasingly capable programmer. Once you reach a certain level of proficiency you will find yourself feeling free to make whatever you decide to put your mind and time towards but until you are there take smaller steps.

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gfxgangsta    806

Any tips for a first timer?


Two things:


1. I don't mean to nitpick, but Infinity Blade isn't really turn-based. But perhaps your game will be.

2. If this is your first game ever, I suggest starting with something less ambitious. Infinity Blade reportedly took 5 months to develop, with a team of 12 people ( Perhaps it's best if you start with simpler gameplay and with 2D.


I encourage you to create your game, but I also encourage you to get more experience first. As for the engine, I think Unity would be a good one to try, since it's easy to get started, and there are several tutorials on YouTube. It also exports to both iOS and Android (for a fee). You could also go with UDK or even a different engine, but you'd have to look at their specs to see if it's what you want.


EDIT: HappyCoder beat me to it, but I'm keeping my post to second his opinion... start with smaller projects first... but most important, *finish* them :)

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