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Help me~! vrml to opengl..

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Hi everyone~ my name is Yongwoo Shin in Korea. I want to use vrml data(human skeleton data) in opengl codes-using VC++.. How can I get the data from vrml file~?? Please help me~ Below is the sample vrml file... http://robotics.snu.ac.kr/~ywshin/sample.wrl Thanks for all~ Edited by - robotica on October 21, 2001 10:37:41 PM

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Try looking at tutorial 10 on 3d world loading.

The easiest way to tackle this problem is to identity which data is a 3d coordinate, whats a lighting coordinate and any other types of coordinate i.e. texture.

Then write a loading program like the one in tutorial 10 which strips away unesscary components i.e. you dont need the first 3 lines of the vrml file, and inserts the data into the relevant array i.e. 3d coord array.

I dont know how vrml 3d points are structured so your best bet is create a sample file with the first 228 vertices (remove everything else) and try loading them in using gl_points and see what they form, then try gl_lines and eventually gl_quads.

You could do this using your own code or a modified version of lesson 10 (add no of vertices to the top of file and change GL_QUAD to GL_POINTS then recompile).

After you know the file structure writing your own vrml loader should be easy.

Hope this helps, Kiel

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