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Direct Input Help...

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Here''s what i''ve done to start my direct input test and for some reason it''s not working. Please tell me what i did wrong. 1. Made sure that c:\mssdk was at the top of the list in both the includes and the libs directories 2. Added dinput.lib to my link settings 3. Here''s my code myInput.cpp: LPDIRECTINPUT lpdi = NULL; void DIInit(void) { // Create the main direct input device DirectInputCreate(hInst,DIRECTINPUT_VERSION,&lpdi,NULL); } void DIKill(void) { // Release the main direct input device if(lpdi) { lpdi->Release(); } } I call these functions from my main program (this code also has a header file associated with it) When I go to compile, it tells me that DirectInputCreate is an undeclared identifier. What am i doing wrong? Thanks!

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I answered your other post. Posting twice (and in different places) isn''t nice.

from other thread...
LPDIRECTINPUT8 lpddi; // note the 8!
DirectInput8Create(); // again, note the 8!

To you it''s a Bently, to me it''s a blue car...

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