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Cool gadgets for a game programmer to enhance games?

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Hey all, I've been trying to find some cool programmable gadgets or things that I would like to develop on. So far I've only been able to think of the Ouya and Oculus Rift. Both are pretty cool and and you can can use them to make some cool games. Unfortunately, they're not out yet. 


Does anybody know of any cool gadgets like these that I could get for my birthday?


I'm looking for something that I could use to make games for or something that I could enhance my games with. I'm particularly interested in the latter. For an example of this, I got an NVidia GTX 660 because it is CUDA enabled and can be used to enhance my games/programs. I'm looking for stuff like that.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I honestly don't know what is available.



Oculus Rift:

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Probably not exactly what you are expecting, but for my upcomming birthday I'm gonna get me a pair of polarizing films and try this


because I strongly believe, that this helps in making better textures/materials, and awesome materials are always a game enhancer.


Oh and those films are quite cheap compared to the gadgets you had in mind :-)

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