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DeeMOONger    114

1st - Sorry for my English!


I began development of new game technology (is not know-how, but...). XAPP - this is a run-time platform (planned as cross-platform). XAPP attaching Sources Interpreter Engine (SEE) modules and running sources. I make small version of basic - XiBASIC.


Now, I continue developing and updating my engine, platform and SEE XiBASIC. Over one or two weeks I'll release a powerful XiBASIC and some new features.


In next time I planed some lead features:

- crossing on Linux (Ubuntu 100%), MaxOS X;

- crossing on Android and WM 5.0 - 6.5 (7+ may be too)

- 3D features (from basic functionals to powerful)

- internet communications

- integration with internet browsers for running games without downloads (as flash games)


Current features of XAPP:

- print at console (overlayer of graphic)

- load and draw sprites with rotation and frames (support textures with resolutions 2^n. Supported extentions depended by DIPI plugins - see plugins folder into package)

- load and playback sound and tracker

- key scan


Current features of XiBASIC:

- one letter for variables from A to Z

- FOR/NEXT from lower to upper value without step various with included cycles

- IF/THEN with "<", ">" and "=". NOT SUPPORT "<=", ">=" and "<>". NO LOGICAL "AND", "OR", "NOT", "XOR"...




Well, If You wish to try it, then...



Support: Here, this topic! Or with subject "XiBASIC" for coding support, or "XAPP" for other questions.





XiBASIC - is a module of basic syntax interpreter. You can develop your SEE friendly syntax with Pascal, C++ or other... If You wish to try to develop SEE module - write me: with subject "XAPP SEE" and I give SDK. But member! All this just BEGIN! And refactoring may be very often!

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