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Physx - concave mesh

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DDoS    312

hi, we're using physx for a small racing game. since our cars are working now we want to include a mesh for the racing track

I know i can do that with a height field, but i'd prefer to import a (convex) triangle mesh. since the complete "racing level" is a concave mesh (and physx only likes convex meshes) i guess i have to split my static racing level mesh into convex meshes

am i correct? how can i achieve that ?

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Krohm    5030

I don't use PhysX myself but I'd be very surprised if it had such limitation.

You will likely have to look into triangolar meshes. Tri-soups. Generic Triangle meshes. I don't know how they are called.

In general, it should have 

  1. Specific shapes such as sphere, box, cylinder
  2. convex hull
  3. tri-soups

I have some google hits on a thing called PxTriangleMeshGeometry

Again, I don't know for PhysX (I use bullet) and I advice you to use them as little as possible. They're quite slower than standard hulls. Decimating triangle count is a must (I generally decimate by 4).

However, keep in mind that their continuity information between adjacent faces is often the only way to make stuff roll or slide correctly.

So, triangle soups suck. But we need them and use them anyway.

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